Thursday, 15 May 2008


WTF is wrong with Barack O calling a reporter (Peggy Agar, of whom I know very little) Sweetie?

Was he polite, was he respectful, was he courteous? Yes!

I don't get this at all.

It's not like he dodged the question there in Deeee-troit and said in a Jules Winfield/Pulp Fiction styleee 'Tell that BITCH to Chill!' like Jules did with Yolonada now, is it?

Mind you, that would have been Funny as fu*k, and maybe he should say that to Billary.

And how come America names its TV stations kinda strangely? - they all have names like WKHDGFTYABFID -TV and stuff. Over here we have 1, 2, 3 and 4. Oh and 5.


Suburbia said...

"Sweetie"...sexist? Surely not (luv)!!!


Simplicity.....I love the BBC!

Hope you're having a great 'me' night! I though only girlies did that?! (Ooops how sexist of me!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Ha ha, you are a funny stick!

I had a great 'me' night, thank you. Pottered about the house, drank a cold beer, Blogged like an eejit, enjoyed Scargosun's and Alaina's latest, had a chat on the blower to Walshy, ate well, reeeeeeeelaxed. Went outside to have a look at VX52 and say hello to him; wouldn't want him to think I was ignoring him or his fine work this week.

I think we canceled each other out sexistly...

Suburbia said...

I've never been cancelled out sexistly before!!! Was it good for you?!!

walsharoo... said...

Is sexistly a real word?

Not that I'm trying to belligerent...

Ok, I was a little bit.

And, it's not.

scargosun said...

Wow. Not believing he said that. He must have been really tired. :)