Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Pino Schmeeno.

Phew! My Blog is back after a four hour drop off when it wouldn't load!

Top night in BS5 this evening and ended up as an emergency call in point for my friend Steve who was in a right old two and eight and came around for a quick chat. He's better now and I feel good for being a wingman and helping him out.

During the evening I drank a couple of glasses of white wine - first time in a year or so I did that and first time I have ever knowingly had a glass of the type of white wine pictured here.

Tonight's wine? Jolly nice it was too and I wouldn't be surprised if I buy another bottle of it this year alone. I bought this bottle for a Gigi visit earlier in the spring but we didn't get to drink it and it languished in the fridge all Feb, March and April unopened and alone next to a bag of Colombian coffee. Come to think of it the last bottle of white I had was at Gigi's house in county Galway a year or so back.

Drinking wine that is not red does not normally compute but I think I am onto something here...hmmm.


scargosun said...

Always good to expand your horizons when it comes to wine. I like red a bit better too but white is very nice on a warm summer evening.

BS5 Blogger said...

Indeed it is :)

Goodnight to you and see you tomorrow, I hope