Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Come on Bristol!

Well worth a very late night last night to see 90 minutes, extra time and some roller coaster moments before Bristol City bagged a place in the play-offs for the Premiership.

Bristol are at Wembley a week Saturday and if they win that, it's top flight football next season.
Imagine being able to see Arsenal play within a shout of BS5 next season!

I am ever neutral about Bristol football and can't get excited about the City vs Rovers debate. Premiership football will be good for all!

Off to work soon and it will seem a very flat affair, although I have to draft a press release about one of our stores and I am quite looking forward to that.

This is Temple Meads station, an Isambard Kingdom Brunel affair that brings the world into the city, and it's just as nice as Paddington (which is my favourite and also by the same man).


Suburbia said...

He was a top bloke old Isambard!! I love his architecture too.

scargosun said...

Yea Bristol City! I am going to have to start keeping up now.

Suburbia said...

Have you found something MUCH more interesting than blogging to do recently?!!!! Do tell;)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hee hee - I am just busy five nights this week but I am flattered you looked in to ask.

Monday - birthday evening beers
Tuesday - Footie evening beers
Tonight - church meeting at my house, my first as Social Sec', and Summer Fayre to organise (8 women called in for white wine giggliness)
Thursday - more Vicarage stuff
Friday - 1st event of my tenure as Soc Sec, church Bingo, then pub

Phew! Bed now and Blogging again tomorrow at 6am! Work also pretty full on with lots to do.

Suburbia said...

8 girls indeed, no wonder you were eager to be soc. sec!!! However after organising a whole year of school social events including a summer fair, I have had my fill of that for a while,(perhaps if there had been more handsome men involved it would have been more rewarding..hee,hee!)