Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday - going to visit Bath!

My house has been full, happy, mad, chaotic and energetic all weekend long but now it is back to having just me in it so I am having a long, indulgent bath before taking a stroll out and seeing what's going on this BS5 Bank Holiday.

Despite writing just there about a tranquil house, I now discover this is another day where a random woman has broken in to steal the hot water so I will just put this lass who is in my bathroom right now out onto the street and then get on with the day. Cheeky mare! I hope there's hot water left.

Update: Far too excited about a whole day off and only managed a 16 minute bath, which isn't going to break any records but did get me clean. Also, it seems uncharitable to simply put the bath nicking woman out on the street without a plan so I have come to an agreement and said that if she wants to break in again and nick the hot water, then Wednesday night is good. She has pottered off with wet footprints down the pavement but she was in a decent humour.


Anonymous said...

Women... always stealing the hot water. I hope she left more than wet footprints for her thievery.

Glad you had an awesome weekend and survived the ordeal.

scargosun said...

I hope she left her bathing accessorise there for you to share. Very decent of you to schedule her an alternate time to bathe.