Saturday, 10 May 2008

Wash 'n Wax (and wine)

This is VX52 after his wash at 7.30 this morning.

I get so much more pleasure out of car washing than the effort that I have to put in, and I should bottle the karma and sell it on. Amazingly for the first time in ages, and probably because it was still early, no one who walked past said 'I'll bring mine round if you like'. It's one of those things you are obliged to say but should really stop and think about it - you have to know five people said it before you already!

Anyhow, VX52 is clean and shining and pointing in his favourite direction. I also half filled his tank, an ever increasingly expensive chore these days. Ran out of polish today so there's a fun purchase next week.

Ooh bugger, I've finished my glass of white wine - cue Fridge run!


MissKris said...

Yes, I do love Suburbia's blog! And yes, feel free to wander around and read whatever on mine. When we come in to the middle of someone's blogging, it seems we only get to know them from what they write in the present and's hard to find time to dig back into the Archives! That's why Profiles are nice, too, don't you think? Something cool about Oregon, hmmm? Well, it's the end of the Oregon Trail where so many pioneers wanted to settle but that is reeeaaalllllly old news. As to other facts, for some reason I'm just brain farting at the moment, haha! Middle aged menopausal side effect, don'tcha know. Thanks so much for stopping by!

MissKris said... soon as I clicked off I remembered some famous folk from Oregon. Sally Struthers from "All in the Family". Gus Van Sant, the director. Ginger Rogers. Linus Pauling. Jean Auel. Phil Knight who founded "Nike" -- in fact, a good friend of mine went to elementary and high school with him and his nickname was Bucky, ha! Lindsey Wagner. Ursula Le Guin. Will Vinton who made the claymation for the "California Raisins". Just to name a few. ;-P

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello - I enjoyed a wander about and I liked your words post from a few posts back. My profile is a bit bland but they are useful, yes.

Does Oregano come from Oregon or is that just me being silly?

I think there's an ep' of the West Wing (top TV!) where Jed Bartlett shuts down a massive container port in Portland, Oregano. I think!

I Google mapped it too - WOW it's a long way from Bristol!

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool people from your part of the world.


Banksy (the wall artist)
Cary Grant
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
John Cabot (big America fan from 1497 onwards)
John Wesley
Samuel Plimsoll (as in the safety line on the side of a ship)
Edmund Burke MP and philosopher

Suburbia said...

Can you fill mine while you're there?

Thanks Misskris x

BS5 Blogger said...

You can both pop in for wine whenever you like!

BS5 :)

Anonymous said...

I always have the same comments when I'm washing my car too. I want to ask them to say something original... but I just smile and nod.

PS Superpower saved the world this weekend. And had many magical larks.

PSS Proper use of the word lark?

scargosun said...

Beautiful job! I am glad to hear you are enjoying the white wine. I had to work last night so none for me sadly but I did partake of a couple beers after my football (American) game. I needed to, it was NOT a good outcome.