Sunday, 4 May 2008

The day after the night before.

Just in from the day after the night before! Had a grand day, today!

We all went for breakfast at half eleven and took it from there with a quick look in at our local just after brekker. I had a cup of tea but the others went on pints. And then I parked the car, took a pint and joined in a daft hour playing cards, as pictured. I took the pic', so I am not in it.

On went the day at great length in our pub and on throughout Bristol and half a dozen pubs. We went into town and ended up chatting with the three pictured girls; Sophie, Alice and Sarah. I am home now at 01.10 and the chaps are still in town! Great stuff all day long. An easy dozen pints and much chat and banter. (My God!)

Sunday tomorrow and a day off after that! Kinda looking forward to church.

Today (yesterday) is my Pa's birthday. He called me to thank me for the card just a bit before I had planned to call him to say hello. We chatted and that was fine.

Bed now, slightly confused!

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