Tuesday, 6 May 2008

BS5 nails The Pentagon. Again

And post 300 turns out to be ordinary and enjoyable! Suits me.

It's been another top, happy day in BS5. Weather good, work good, review with the boss good, evening at the house good. Tonight I had a quiet evening in on my Jack, a decent dinner and a few nice chats on the phone with important people (to me, I mean). I also had an indulgent two hours after dinner watching a movie, which is a rare thing. 'No Way Out' was on, Kevin Costner, 1987 and the Ivans sticking one over on Uncle Sam and The Pentagon. I recall watching this for the first time with my brother Greg and at the end thinking WOW!

Still a great movie but it was really, really eighties!

Nice time on the wall as well this evening and it was really hot from a day in the sun.

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scargosun said...

Ah, your posts always leave me with a sense of peace and quiet and a smile. Fitting that your 300th should be just that way!