Saturday, 10 May 2008


Now then, Madge is 50 this August. She is on stage right now at a Radio 1 weekend in Maidstone, Kent and I have the radio on and (another!) glass of white wine, listening in.

Scargosun's questionnaire the other day asked if one would date someone 10 years older than self. Now Madge will be 14 years older than me by the time of her birthday , and is this controversial ............could she? Heck yes, she could. Severally too.

I am not sure Madge would feel the same about this Blogger but unless she reads BS5 we won't know and can pretend.

('Could she' come round for a cup of tea - that's what I meant, but you know that, right?)


Suburbia said...

I must admit I was a bit lost! White wine again? My choice too tonight, it must be the hot weather.

Whips in an inappropriate way. What DO you mean?!!!;)

BS5 Blogger said...

White wine indeed, and I am eating raw snap beans (green beans) too, well the ones left that I didn't steam for dinner along with the new potatoes.

Madge might just make it onto my top five of famous people to ask round for tea along with Erin, Sam and Francine Stock.

I hope your white wine is nice.

Whips? What DO I mean...hee hee!

Suburbia said...

You're blogging late again. Or are you just waiting up for Madge to come home?

BS5 Blogger said...

I had an afternoon snooze after 4 little pints watching Bristol play Crystal Palace for a play off place so I am still up now, you see. Pottering about until 1 or so, I reckon.

If Madge calls in that's cool but if not , hey ho.

walsharoo said...

why the highlighting on the text?

BS5 Blogger said...

Just coz I hadn't seen that feature before really, kidder.

scargosun said...

I had no idea you were into the "Material Girl." She is facinating though. I hope Bristol make into the EPL so we can talk a bit of trash on gamedays. :)