Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Top smart!

Top and massive drama at work today - randomly out at the back of our warehouse to put some shelf edging in a skip when I came across this! Alas I was in my suit so hanging about 'just to have a look' would have stood out a mile. Tomorrow I am on a warehouse working day just to help out and I bet nothing so exciting happens then!

I loitered for about a minute, enough time to see the unit come very close to the top of the shed - a collision would have been very exciting!

We had a sweep-stake in the afternoon for this weekend's Eurovision song contest and I got Moldova at 500-1 whereas everyone knows Dustin the Turkey (who is from Ireland) will romp it! There goes a quid.


Suburbia said...

I'm not back yet!! This is just a mirage :)
I just popped over after reading your message.
Love this post, SS could have written it! Full of excitement about cranes and lorries and gert big containers!!
I shall try to post again tomorrow. A lot of thinking to do here and feeling exhaused with everything (but not depressed!)
Hope you have had a great time on the pin ball machine,

BS5 Blogger said...

How nice to see you!

You are a kind soul! I was chuckling about how 'Small Sprog friendly' the post was as I wrote it - hee hee!

Keep safe and see you soon. I hope your thinking goes well...

BS5 x

Anonymous said...

Ha! Do boys never out grow toys?

What language was your last post in?

How's your week going? Haven't had time to be out "blogging/commenting" lately.