Wednesday, 14 May 2008


A long day today and this week I have lots to do with busy days at work and social stuff each night of the week too. I like that but it has robbed me of blogging time.

We had a memo' at work this week about a new concession that has taken space in our stores. It's called Shuropody and apparently we can get a very discounted foot service as we own the space they rent. Several thoughts occur...

1 Why would I?

2 What's the benefit of a poke in the foot with a stick and some massaging, and some person telling me about foot karma?

3 I would feel very uncomfortable taking my shoes off on the shop floor in front of a load of women I did not really know. In private maybe, in public - good God, no.

4 How does this concession make money - they seem to have lots of interest?

All most odd. Bed now and Zzzzzzz's welcome


scargosun said...

Having your feet correctly rubbed is a WONDERFUL feeling. YOu might want to give it a go when there is a time that is is not too crowded. Afterall, you have very nice shoes, your feet shoudl rest comfortably in them.

Suburbia said...

Hmmm, not in public and definatly not at the end of a hot day, phew!!
However I can recomend a 'professional' foot massage, I felt like I was walking on air afterwards.

Hope your working day is good.

walsharoo... said...

I had a foot massage in Thailand once. It was nice until the chair I was sat on collapsed...lucky it collapsed in slow motion, giving the entire room (including my wife) chance to gather round and piss themselves.

I didn't feel very relaxed...

Anonymous said...

I agree with suburbia... not in public. Mostly because people would point at stare at the redhead that would be dissolved in giggles every time someone touched her feet. Not kidding. I have a hard time putting lotion on my own feet they're so ticklish.