Sunday, 11 May 2008

I'm afraid not, Sophie, I've just mopped the floor! (Oh bugger!)

It's ten past one in the morning and I have just mopped the kitchen floor. WTF's that about? I have normally been in bed a good three hours by this time but not today. I woke at 5.20 and bed approaches 20 hours later. It's been a top day!

I think my little two hour kip after watching Bristol - Crystal Palace helped. Bristol won 2-1 and the second leg is Tuesday. Winner gets a place in the play offs to go up to the Premiership.

Weatherman says 77 degrees tomorrow! My friend Helen is coming to see me and I think we might take a picnic; she is going to tell me all about what is going on in her life as I think it is a bit stressful at the mo' and she needs a wingman.

Once I had mopped the floor, whaddayaknow, but top foxy Newsreader Sophie Rayworth knocked on the front door (in her PJ's no less) asking if she could come in for a glass of cold milk and a chat on the sofa. I had to turn her away coz' the fridge is a couple of paces across the floor, which was still wet of course. Bloody typical!


Suburbia said...

It must be all this summer weather. I went to bed at midnight which is way too late for me and SS woke me at 6.15. It was just too nice to go back to sleep so I was up with the lark!!

However mopping the floor at that time is more OCD than me! Did Madge make you do it (the minx)!

Hope your picnic goes well, I 'm sure you're a good listener :)

BS5 Blogger said...


Madge flew right over BS5 and back onto wherever she was going! I think you have a point with the OCD and the mopping.

Just awaiting my friend Helen to pitch up and then we will have a beer near Queen's Sq or some such.

Hope you are up to fun things.

Suburbia said...

Good afternoon NUSB Legend (!)
Fun things included;
Not all of it fun.
Looking forward to hearing about your day?

Anonymous said...

I'm compelled to point out that you are referring to Bristol CITY and not the real team of all true Bristolians, ROVERS. There are two teams in Bristol, so you can't just say Bristol and leave it at that. Gas Heads unite!

Peace and all that.

BS5 Blogger said...

Peace to you too, Singing B', but it's Bristol and all football is good!

Theym Gas'eds is odd, mind

Yours, neutrally


Suburbia said...

So how was the picnic/drink then?

You're very quiet tonight!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello Suburbia,

Chat with you in the week, I hope; thoughtfully to bed here but thank you for looking in to say hello. I don't feel like posting this evening and I am not sure why, but I remain cheerful so that's okay.

A day of listening as you implied in your earlier comment.

My day was delightful thank you, and I hope yours was as well.

I am going to turn in and see how 36 feels as I get up!

Pax tecum (again)

BX5 x

Suburbia said...

I have made something for your special day!! I shall post just before I go to bed so no peeking tonight :)
Have a great birthday, 36 will be fantastic!

scargosun said...

Wow! Mopping the floor at 1am. That's commitment or a need to be committed...pick one. ;)

I got a hint from suburbia's post, is your b-day today/tomorrow (time change ans all that).