Sunday, 18 May 2008

Gangly spaz

I am the tallest in my church by a long way owing to my relative youth and the fact that I am nearly 2m end to end. Anyhow, this means I always get picked for light bulb detail. Today it was some very high bulbs indeed so it meant a huge ladder and some 'organisation' by the menfolk, and we approached that with unabashed school-boy excitement.

After much 'to me, to you, to me...' down the ladder came from the bell tower over the edge and into the seating area. I went up to inspect bulbs. Since turning 30 I have disliked heights increasingly each year and today with the ladder at a very steep angle I must admit I felt quite scared, but a little fear on my part is better than one of the old ladies attempting it. I trip over stuff on flat floors so a ladder up high was a bit of an ordeal. By default and testing of different bulbs we determined that the bulb was good and the wiring was bad. I have not been invited on to the wiring party as for sure I would trip the whole place and probably kill myself. An appropriate building in which to go though, I suppose.

Anyhow, it was kinda cool to look out over our church from right up in the air and it was nice to receive the thanks of various friends.

I didn't feel coordinated enough to take a pic so you'll just have to imagine.


Suburbia said...

That's so funny! I think when you're tall it's actualy further up than if you're short! No Really. I remember when I was at school in PE when you had to jump off the box thing I got scared because I was so high up! If my eye balls were in my feet it wouldn't have seemed so far down and I would have been fine. So if you're on the short side then it's easier not to be scared?!!!
OK NO sexist comments about femimine logic please!;)

BS5 Blogger said...

Sexist comments? What can I say but oxymoron, Suburbia?

Too true on height and fright for tall situations!

Anonymous said...

I loved the title of this post. I think taller people have more to get off balance with... my mother is only 5'2'' she's very centered... in more ways than one!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Alaina, 'Gangly Spaz' is a fine throw away line from Mr Walsharoo!

How was your American weekend?

scargosun said...

P is the same way about heights. They don't bother me too much. GHlad you were 1. able to use your height for a good cause and 2. got down safely.