Saturday, 10 May 2008

Merde, il pleut!

Bristol was the wettest place in the country last night and this was on account of about an hour's rain that fell at around 9pm - quite a lot of it on my house. It was tops! I sat in the front doorway on my trusty barstool and watched it all with a glass of plonk. The rain was intense and the lightning was constant. Here's a pic' of the storm as it came up the road. It doesn't look very stormy but it got dark very fast and ker-poww! a deluge! There was also a bonus that it took the sandy coating of VX52 so he will be easier to clean this morning.

The other pic' is my dining room about 20 minutes before the storm when it was still really bright.

Big rain is smart when it washes down the street.


scargosun said...

Cool pic! I am gald you were in a position to enjoy it. We had that kind of a rain on Friday for about 5 minutes. I wished I could stand in it. Unfortunately I was on my way to let G-dog out from work so I could not partake. I thought about it though.

BS5 Blogger said...

A deluge of rain is nice, especially when it's warm and the droplets are big and fat.

8pm here and just making dinner, then I have to do a bit of work for an hour but nothing at all taxing!

What's happening in America this Saturday? I know...I can visit your Blog to see :)

MissKris said...

I live in rainy western Oregon on the west coast of the US. But even rainier yet is where I grew up, along the southern border of the Olympic National Rain Forest in Washington state. I kid you not, it probably averages 300 days of rain out of the year! Having spent my childhood there, rain was a part of life. It's still something I love, a good rain storm especially at the beach! I have been lurking here recently, coming over from Suburbia's site...thought it was time to come out of my corner and say hello! :-D

Suburbia said...

Summer rain is great if it's warm. It reminds me of the bit in Lady Chatterly!
SS slept through it and TG panicked!!
Hope your day went well and that you have a clean house and sparkling car to boot!!