Monday, 19 May 2008

BS5 has not left the building.

Oh dear. The Rhubarb, to which I am not an entirely infrequent visitor now poses a challenge. Steve the Landlord has played a master stroke and taken on a pinball machine! Now back at University in the early 1990s I put a fair few pound coins into pinball machines at The Roebuck public house. You know where you are with pinball; you, some mates, a pint and so many plays for a quid. Nothing won, nothing lost and more sociable than a fruit machine! And here we are a few years later at the same caper it's just there's no degree to jeopardise this time.

Cas is current pub champ with sixty odd million and he is very pleased about that, claiming to have been the best Pinball player across all Africa when he lived there 20 years ago. I am not bad at Pinball and am nipping at his heels. Do I dare go in on a school night and get in some pinball time? This is my dilemma. I have been quite good of late about not going to the pub on school nights but this week I might cave!

The pic' is said same machine, but not our one.


Anonymous said...

oh... I love pinball! But I normally just play the one on my computer.

BS5 Blogger said...

Yeah, me too but a big old machine is such a hoot with a few pals!

scargosun said...

Go get some practice on a school'll make you feel like a teen again. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you say 'hoot'? Now THATS funny. :-) I didn't think anyone else used that word!