Monday, 26 May 2008

Life on Mars?

My mate Ken works at Mission Control in Pasadena (California) for NASA and he called me yesterday for a bit of advice on the landing angle for the Mars probe. I cleaned up the maths a bit and emailed him what I thought to be the right approach angle, hence the successful landing overnight. The Mars probe is there to look for signs of life. This is an early image! Don't these people just get bloody everywhere?

My good friend Bag would have you believe that the Americans didn't even get to the moon, let alone Mars and that it is all just a conspiracy. Bag knows all about conspiracies having solved Dallas , November '63 using only the internet and a bottle of vodka.


Anonymous said...

Mars? Isn't that a candy bar?

Suburbia said...

Ha! I love conspiracy theories!

Congrats on your Mars achievement. Where's my chocolate?!

Drove through BS5 today on way to bunny hotel. Very grey and wet :(

Lummox said...

Well I have 8 or 9 starbucks within 10 minutes walk of my apartment. Don't you just love it..

Carrie said...

Good one.

scargosun said...

Ok, I do frequent SB's when I need a fix. I am glad they have staked out a place on Mars b/c if my kitchen isn't done soon I am going there.