Thursday, 15 May 2008


I got totally busted at work today by the 'checkin' out women' police whilst walking across the shop floor.

I was walking with genuine purpose from the glass covered plants section through Barbecue and out to the warehouse. I did a small U-turn and nipped down an aisle in order to encounter a fabulous and very tall woman who I worked out would end up meeting me if I took a detour down past 'fresh veg' encountering her at the end. She had these great boots on and long hair and really nice shapely hips, and a healthy un-skinny figure.

She also had a bloody good radar coz she sussed my game before I had even got out of bed today. Busted and thinking 'oh well' I just smiled and ventured a 'Good afternoon, madam', and she smiled and asked how I was doing and took a look at my name badge.

I was quite pleased about the whole encounter because I suspect she was flattered (but probably thought 'nice suit, total bloody pervert!')

Lovin' it!


scargosun said...

If she checked your name out you might get a very nice/slightly inappropriote note from her.

That would make a great story!

BS5 Blogger said...

Or she might report me! We'll see.

Hey you seem happier and that's great news!

Are you at work? I am home, it's 7.40 pm and dinner is on. I skipped a social commitment tonight because every other night of the week has something penciled in so I am having a 'me' night!

Alaina said...

I would totally expect an annoymous caller since she now knows your name and your place of employment. You'll know for sure if she happens by at the same time and same place in the near future!

Alaina said...

Oops forgot spell check. Now you know I can't spell worth a hoot.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey I am sure there will be no call from said tall woman as I did catch that she had a wedding band on, so hopefully she just smiled, reveled in her own foxiness and went home. I was busted but with complete decorum!

This reminds me of random stuff: When I was a manager for a UK Menswear firm ten years back, I used to sell men's jeans with a broader thigh to loads of women of a shapely nature. They came back loads because they got utterly polite service and a degree of discretion and zero judgemental comment. Safe shopping and we sold tons! Once I had their trust they used to tell me all sorts of things but I drew the line when one asked me to measure her inside leg! Ha ha, silly days!

Suburbia said...

You do attract the married woman though don't you?!!
Is your radar poised for action at every moment of the day?
(oops sounds a bit rude, but you know what I mean, hopefully!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Sub' - well , a chap always has to be ready to say hello whilst still appearing to be working hard!

GREAT Small Sprog Post - tons of hee hee!

walsharoo... said...

Suburbia has you pegged already, and she's hasn't even met you yet.

Top description of your stalk’ee kiddo. I am thinking Nigela Lawson in fuck me boots and a flowery dress.

I'm sure she'll enjoy her new lesbian life in Australia.

walsharoo... said...

Oh, almost forgot.

'Me' night?

That's at least 10 euros worth of paint I'm going to aim at your crotch.

BS5 Blogger said...

Cheers Walshy! Guilty on all counts!