Saturday, 24 May 2008

BS5 Saturday

Seventeen comments on my last post - the most prolific ever and I just lobbed that together whimsically before work the other day! (Thank you for taking the time to write your comments!)

Now then, it's a big, big day here in BS5.

This morning I am going to tackle my back yard; I work in a garden centre and people often say 'ooh, discount on all those plants, you must have a great back garden' to which I add a diplomatic 'well, indeed'. Plenty of stuff growing, it's just that I didn't plant any of it. Anyhow, a 'before' pic is here, taken from my spare room.

After the gardening (I will post an 'after' picture) I will start to get excited about the football - Bristol vs Hull for a place in the Premiership next season. Total drama! A 32 strong party from the pub is on the way to Wembley even now.

I might clean VX52 as well but let's see how the day goes.


scargosun said...

I should have take some before and afters for my gardening too. Oh well. SOme people might not be able to tell the before from the after. ;)

scargosun said...

OH! I left a comment on the coffee post. EGADS!

Suburbia said...

Your garden looks fine as it is....from a distance anyway ;)
The palm tree makes it look postivly tropical!

BS5 Blogger said...

HI you two!

Hey Scargosun, you saw the coffee - that was a funny comment. JAAAA! :)

Sub', on closer inspection the back garden is overgrown but now it's much neater! Just have to rid the yard of all the detritus now. I might burn it - that will be top fun!

Suburbia said...

Yep, SS likes to catch things on fire too!!!