Monday, 26 May 2008

A rare night of TV!

A long day today; woke at 5.00 and had a steady morning before work. Only two of us in the office, me upstairs and our Finance Director downstairs. The store was absolutely heaving and we soon put forty thousand pounds into the till.

Home and cooked a fine piece of rump with green beans and chips. Cooked the rump on a very hot griddle pan and cooked it fast and rare - delicious! Had a little glass of wine too. The number of units did not appear on any of the walls or anything, as happens in the current patronising government ad'.

And then a great evening of TV taking in about a month's worth in one night. Ray Mears first of all with a wander about in Oz, then Days that Shook the World with a piece on Chuck Yeager and finally a fly on the wall documentary about HMS Illustrious.

Happily into the bath now and then to bed!

A satisfactory Monday indeed.

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