Thursday, 8 May 2008

Oh will you just clear off, woman?

Come on Hillary, give it up! Throw in the towel, have a bit of grace, support the man, then go and live far away!

Here's a snap of Barack O on a political rally in BS5 last night where he came to talk about the Special Relationship between Bristol and the US. Barack said there was a lot of resonance in International Relations focused on the BS5 area and America. After the rally he tried to beat Lummox's Rhubarb initiation record of three pickled eggs in under a minute but he got nowhere near; that's still Lummox's crown.

Another sunny morning here.

48 hours until my hot date with three women; they all excitedly asked me out for Friday but they are all around twice my age (and half my height) and excited about Bingo!


scargosun said...

I agree. I really, really, really want him to win the whole shootin' match.
Remember to take a good luck charm with you to Bingo so you can fit in. :)

Suburbia said...

Wow! What more could a BS5 man ask for?!!!Bingo and women. You live the high life over there!

D said...

Why should she give up?

Whatever way you look at it nearly as many people want her as want him. Should they not at least be heard? If the democrats used the same primary rules as the republicans she would have won it long ago.

I very much doubt Obama can win the general, much as I hope for a democratic victory and much as I would love to vote for him if ?I had the chance. The people who vote in the general are not always the same as those in the primary, and they are certainly very different from caucus voters in the primary, from whom Obama has drawn a lot of his strength.

But in any case, in the interests of democracy, she has every right to take it to the convention – as indeed was the practice until very recently.

And why should she go and live far away? I hear some sexism here, dude!

BS5 Blogger said...

Aye, she a ho, bro! Bill's wires and all that!