Friday, 2 May 2008


I love it when the week has zoomed past and all of a sudden you blast into Friday and the weekend without really having felt it to be a long few days!

Double the delight when the Monday is a bank holiday too. Work for me today is all prep' for my Tuesday 1:1 with my boss, and then it's a 21st do at my local this evening.

Fridays are cool!

(Pic' is me from my fast jet days, or it might be Walshy as we were on close quarter combat training in pairs that day, and he was probably ahead as he's a far better pilot than I)


Suburbia said...

Small Sprog thought it was Monday today. He has rocketed around the house this am. in pure happiness at it actually being the last day of the school week!

Have a great party tonight:)

scargosun said...

Mine didn't so much zoom as push the envelope in a Smart car. :) Glad it's here though.