Friday, 16 May 2008

Carl Lewis

The Carl Lewis line always makes me :)

This morning I have been listening to my favourite NWA song. Now NWA is a divider of opinion because they are a tiny bit sexist and they are into killing, shooting, robbery, violence and general misogynist action. I am not trying to distance my welcome readership but as lyrics and rap go, '100 miles and runnin' ' is a pretty taut set of lines and it hangs well. The lyrics are spectacularly offensive and here's a selection. As Pete Tong says on a Friday night, 'If you think you might be offended please tune away now'...

This song has come on in VX52 once or twice to the spluttering shock of work colleagues who were with me and did not really expect a suited and booted chap to be listening to gangster rap.

You Tube the song - look beyond the initial prejudice and have a listen to how well the lyrics hang. Here's a selection:

Got us tick and runnin’ just to find the gun that started the clock. That’s when the e jumped off the startin’ block.
A 100 miles from home and ,yo, it’s a long stretch.
A little sprintin’ mutherfucker that they won’t catch.
Yeah, back to compton again.
Yo, it’s either that or the federal pen. ’cause niggas been runnin’ since beginning of time. Takin’ a minute to tell you what’s on my mutherfuckin’ mind.
Runnin’ like I just don’t care. Compton’s 50 miles but , yo, i’mma get there.
Archin’ my back and on a straight rough.
Just like carl lewis I’m ballin’ the fuck out. >
from city to city I’m a menace as I pass by.
Rippin’ up shit just so you can remember i’m A straight up nigga that’s done in, gunnin’ and comin’ Straight at yo ass.
A 100 miles and runnin’...


Suburbia said...

Hi BS5 I sort of need the ''tune''to fully appreciate it!!

("it hangs well" chose a good phrase!! do you remember the fuss about lycra shorts and a "well hung" runner way back?!!!)

I am not offended by lyrics. However when Husband used to play his favourite Ian Dury CD in the car (which has a quite a few choice words splattered here and there) the children generally sang along!! SS knew some really BAD words almost before he could speak!! We had to stop playing it in the end!!

scargosun said...

Yeah, I think I might do a double take if I heard NWA on your listening devices. Probably not as bad as the looks I get when I play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels.