Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Fine larks at work. No tie though.

I really can't tell you what a top-smart day I have had. It was a hoot right from my 7 am kick off through to finishing up. And I got paid for doing it !

I am an office wallah and I am into Operations which is kinda just looking at the whole thing end to end and making sure it works like a fine machine so that you as the customer see a smoothly Operating retail outlet. Today I was in work-civvies (no suit) and in the Warehouse. Having bemoaned my lack of time to watch a 40 foot unit lowered in by crane yesterday, today I helped fill the bugger right up and it was a riot! Large delivery wagons, fork lift truck action, hydraulic removal of a dirty great skip and a little bit of goonin around on warehouse racking. I worked hard and was filthy by the time I got home. No one in the house to get at me for being in a filthy state and abandoning clothes all over the bathroom floor before leaping into the bath - hurrah! (I have tidied them all up now).

We emptied and stacked 22 pallets of heavy oak furniture today and had it placed as efficiently as poss' - plenty of other opportunities to climb on stuff and bugger about and also a really instructive day for my job.

Pics various to illustrate the day:

First - This was the 40 ft ready to go
Second -Bonus interlude action with the huge skip replaced
Third - Right to the back with some F**K heavy boxes!
Fourth - full as a Sausage!

AND there's footie tonight. What a day!


Suburbia said...

Fantastic day! Loved reading about it, you do love life don't you?!! Enjoy the footie

Sub :)

scargosun said...

BIG day! Just the type you need to relax and enjoy a good Champions League final. I will be watching a recorded version this evening. Enjoy and GO MAN U!

BS5 Blogger said...

BS5 is very happily to bed!