Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thursday Thinker.

My freind Suburbia has a weekly post called ABC Wednesday where she goes through the alphabet and posts a letter a week with an accompanying picture on a day you can probably guess. She's up to O.

I like this weekly proposition so I am going to shamelessly copy my BS9 friend and try to emulate her panache for a weekly look-in.

Here goes with 'Thursday Thinker', a series of images that occur to this Blogger and just make him think. Nothing more profound than that...some you'll get, some you won't. Some global, some local. A bit like Scargosun's post about trees and her after school gang and their in-jokes.

And so, week 1:

This pic' is a year or four old and was a January shot when I had indulged in a triple treat: new shoes, new socks (one of which know resides in BS9) and a new packet of cigars that took me very pleasant ages to smoke that year! I must have read the WSC book (one of 47 I have) about thirty times since. I think the smokes were a return trip gift from a pal of mine I shared that house with; he had been in Hong Kong buying stock for the retailer we both worked for. Go Muss! The shoes were very fine and endlessly comfortable and they polished up so well that a year after, and with every day polishing the leather was like cloth.


scargosun said...

One of your socks is in BS9? How ever did it get there? :)

May days are much better now that I am an adult.

The Chelsea Liverpool game was a good one (I saw the last few minutes).

BS5 Blogger said...

Sub, dear thing - if you see this would you tell Scargosun about Socks and Zanussi and BS9? :-)

Hi, American girl! Thanks for your post. I was just looking around your blog and got all squeamish at a post ages back about buying sanitary products at the 'grocery store'. It had a whole stack of comments about buying tampons, and sorry but I just RAN for safe cover in blog posts about easy stuff like spaceships, football, toasters and what have you! Hee hee, you are funny!

Football was good, yes; Moscow will be a cracker!

Go safe...

scargosun said...

Wait! I posted about feminine products? When?

Suburbia said...

BS5 It was just too spooky to explain!
I'm not sure I like the 'dear thing'. Some people speak to their grannies using that tone!!

walsharoo... said...

four years and you're still using the CHiP's mousemat. I hope no-one ever shines a black light onto it.


Suburbia said...

You should know too that about 80 bloggers (Mrs. Nesbits place has the list)do the ABC thing. I am new to it, some are on their second time through the alphabet!
I guess you're in bed now! Sweet dreams!

BS5 Blogger said...

I *think* it was you Scargosun - I will go back and check! It went on about wanting to go back to Grade school too. I am sure I left a comment.

Suburbia - noted on 'dear thing' - scrubbed from my Blog phase book!

Walshers - it's a top mouse mat with staying power.