Monday, 5 May 2008

If I check out...

What an amazing, happy, carefree and wanting-for-nothing weekend. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow I won't be after a rebate on what I have had to date. I have no complaints at all. None.

I really wanted for nothing these past 72 hours; sure Gloves South would have made it perfect but it was really very, very, very good indeed nonetheless.

Here are things I enjoyed immensely this weekend; some tangible, some abstract, some simple, none complex:

My friends
My family
My house
My church
My front wall
My car
My street
My local
LCD Sound System
Being tall
Taking huge pleasure from very little

Back to the regularity of work and normal stuff tomorrow but that is really quite pleasurable too.

It is liberating when one can count the few dependable things one enjoys and relegate everything else to the also-rans.

A real blast of a weekend since Friday. Come on!


Suburbia said...

And only 4 more days 'till the next weekend!

BS5 Blogger said...

Indeed- woohoo! Gosh, your TG 'back from camp post' was beautiful and impressive. It must be a huge and responsible thing to be a mother.

Liz said...

But no Erin ...

Hey my word verifier is an Irish Christ: jsuss!

BS5 Blogger said...

Erin-shhmerrin! Indeed, no Erin! :) You got me; I am fickle!

Jsuss indeed! (hee hee)

Have you had a happy weekend, Liz?
Wasn't Sub's TG post good?

scargosun said...

Your cheery posts always make me want to be more of an optimist. :) Hope you know you are making a difference in this normally pessimistic American girl.

BS5 Blogger said...

Scargosun - bless you for that! I didn't think it was a particularly cheery post. It was a curious line of thought in that if I happen to cark it between now and tomorrow I am incredibly thankful and pleased with what I have had and the fine things I have enjoyed this weekend and these years of late! I could never be anything but an optimist given this world. I don't intend to cark it and it would be a right old bugger to do so on a work day, but if I do, that's the way I would look back.

Don't be too pessimistic, it doesn't suit your delightful, effusive blog and its quiet delight in your life.

Moving from the profound to the mundane, I was sat in my car today finding a CD to listen to (right now, and LCD Sound system) and I thought, "I wonder what sort of a car my friend S' has?" Do tell!

scargosun said...

I actually drive a Honda Pilot. It's a silver one. I got it when P (oh heck you know his name now) Peter and I were still thinking that we'de be having kids in the near kids yet. It does make trips easier with G-dog and home improvement stores. :)

People used to think that Scargosun mean something about S-Car-Go! Nope.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Scargosun. A Honda pilot, eh?

I knew 'Scargosun' was not about a car or snails as you explain it in the header of your Blog! Maybe other folks didn't read that part yet.

What does G-Dog mean? Is the G for Gun, Genetic, German or maybe even Go-Bot? Is he some kinda 21st C super dog? Please can we have a pic?

Have a good day and hey, America...VOTE BARACK!

Liz said...

I've had a very happy weekend. Went to a wedding yesterday and they're always happy affairs. In fact the musicians sang the song, 'O happy day'.

Suburbia is a very good writer, yes.

I don't know if Barack should have posed in front of Superman like that. He looks a bit weedy next to the man with his tights under his knickers. Please tell Barack that when you talk to him. Suggest he emails me for advice. i have watched all of West Wing so I am an expert.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Liz - me too on the West Wing! I'll call Barack after dinner and tell him about the tights.

West Wing is top TV!