Sunday, 25 May 2008

Geeky stuff!

It's time for a Spod post! I have been larking about on Wikipedia which is always good for randomly smart things. Today I read about Lockheed-Martin who make very cool stuff. The pictured SR 71 Blackbird is about the coolest thing they made and it was pretty versatile as well as being nippy. Flying at a height of 17 miles it had a camera that could take a picture of a car number plate - feck!

When the plane was retired in 1990 one if its pilots did a US coast to coast speed run and crossed America in 68 minutes. How smart is that? He had to slow down to refuel on the way. Also to verify a speed record, the plane hoofed it between two radar points in St Louis & Cincinnati - these two are 350 miles apart (had to look that up as I couldn't place them on a map) and that part of the flight lasted 9 minutes. The same plane did New York to London in 1hr 56 mins. That's not bad for a plane made in the early seventies.

Next time Barack O calls me for a strategy brief (Tuesday, I reckon) I am going to ask him if he can arrange a go in said plane once he gets to The White House.

If this plane was 30 years old I wonder what they have now.

PS: Zoom in on the pic - it's me flying it! You have to look closely though, like the dude in the coffee beans pic.


Suburbia said...

If you can fly that, can you give us a lift on Tuesday morning?!
We are all a bit worked up about flying and although this aircraft would prob. be terrifying to fly in, at least we'd get there quickly!!

Seriously though, the design is almost a work of art.

Hope your Sunday is good, not gardening weather at the moment though.

Spoo'ad of Ebon Locks said...

That's quite fast. But you could look up the scramjet for super-fast -- one of them could do London to Sydney in under two hours. A scramjet was tested over the Atlantic last year and hit 7000km/h.

Waaaark! said...

I ought to add that during that test there was another scramjet in front doing 6800km/h and the controller of the jet behind was heard to shout all manner of obscenities.

D'ang said...

Also -- not that I want to spam your blog -- one Blackbird taking a photo of a certain Merc over a certain UK city nearly crashed due to the utter shininess of the nail dazzling the pilot..