Monday, 26 May 2008

BS5 Dating

It's a bank holiday Monday but I am going to work today, hence being up at 6.00.

I will take next Monday instead as two good sets of friends are coming to see me then - 3 of the 4 adults are ex BS5ers and the fifth person is a little chap I have not met yet!

Now then - at church yesterday I secured a double date and am meeting two women of the congregation at work tomorrow where I said I would stand tea and cake for them both in our restaurant.

Much as I am looking forward to meeting Muriel and Jean, each of them is more than double my age plus a decade, and between them they have notched up one hundred and seventy years! They are keen on knitting patterns and plants so they are catching the bus together and coming for a look about. Muriel is surprisingly tall for a woman in her eighties but Jean is a touch under 5ft. They are both very sharp, a little slow on their pins and fantastically forthright in their opinions, which I suppose is entirely fine for all their years.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean I can't be forthright with my opinions since I'm not old?

Suburbia said...

Sorry you have to work today, but it is yucky out there so hopefully next Monday will be sunny and hot for your social!

Hope your 2 women don't drown you in tea!

Sub :)

Suburbia said...

Have just read this again.....3 of the 4 are ex BS5's and the 5th you haven't met yet. What about the
4th!! Sort of mysterious, the 4th one!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi all,

Alaina - you can be forthright and young, Jean and Muriel just get a free pass at being forthright with a little photo on it and all that!

Suburbia - the 4th is not a BS5er but is married to a BS5er (ex) . He is a great chap and was a Lt.Cdr in the Navy on Submarines. He has loads of great stories and is a top chap! He and Sophie are half way through 18 months around the world as a honeymoon and they are home briefly for Sophie's sister's wedding.

I suspect you are on hols now so
won't read this!

Suburbia said...

No still here! off tomorrow early.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Sub - cool! :)

I just watched Days That Shook The World about Chuck Yeager and the sound barrier. Very exciting!

One more sleep and it's holidays for you and yours. Enjoy!

Suburbia said...

Thanks, I hope I can sleep!

scargosun said...

You had a bank holiday yesterday too? You always catch me with your mentions of dating and then you talk about the octogenarian church ladies meeting up with you. Sigh. I guess as long as you are having a good time. :)