Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Euro hooks and War.

This post, my first of July kinda links in with the last with its World War 1 reference.

Today in 1916 the Battle of the Somme kicked off, in which 19,400 people carked it on the first day, and 1.2m were left dead or injured by its end in November 1916. Crazy! That's everyone on Bristol dead or maimed twice in five months! Anyhow my Grandpa was there on heavy gunning, and indeed on his eighteenth birthday which was also July 1st. That would make him 110 now, but he isn't about. I recall my 18th (1990) being entirely less tricky.

I will try to make the rest of the month's posts a little jollier!

Off to work shortly. I have two suppliers to see and separate to that I have to come up to speed on an IT project in a few short weeks making sure it is in a place where retailers can suss it after I am out of there. The IT will be beyond me but no issue there as the IT team is kinda on the money and knows its stuff. Contingent on getting this right for retail is an order for at least 14,000 little swing tags to show the price on the end of a hook with a load of goods on it. Heady stuff.


Suburbia said...

Amazing that grandpa survived and that you are here at all!

Hope all goes well at work today. I can't imagine you as untechnological!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! I am a bit of an IT special needs kind of a guy really!

Luckily (I suppose) my Grandpa had dicky eye sight so he would not have been great at the front so he was back a bit in the Royal Artillery firing howitzers and what have you. My mother tells me he was in The Artists Rifles, which has since become 21 SAS but then many, many people went through that regiment in the years of the first War. None of these attributes has come my way (other than poor vision) and I would get no nearer to a Special Forces unit than I would to the finals of Miss Bristol 2008!

How was your day?

scargosun said...

You are an inspiration. Here you are about to lose your job but you are making sure that when you are gone, everyone else will be ok.

BS5 Blogger said...

Bless you for that - that's a nice line!

How was your day today?

I am about to post about mine.

Suburbia said...

I had another great day with the children (still off school but back tomorrow) mostly inspired by a glimps of what summer is really like.

BS5 Blogger said...

So glad you had a happy day, Sub'- the delight is infectious!