Monday, 7 July 2008

Roast beef update and Third Paragraph woman.

Le Rosbif is in fact in the oven this evening owing to beer related delays on Sunday and a lack of inclination on the part of the chef last night.

This makes for a late dinner tonight, the first night of the week but right now it is smelling pretty fine with a waft of mustard, garlic and rosemary coming up from the kitchen.

Another day at work working kinda' hard and a realisation that I have more work left than month/tenure so I will need to think about a response and an attitude to that.

Nice chatter with 3rd P/W who was looking just fine today (and wearing very nice perfume) and I even nearly asked her out for lunch!

Some small glimmer of hope on the job front with a warm response to my CV as thrown against one job app' by an agency.

Ha ha, I put 'third paragraph' into Google images just now and it came back with a picture of JP-II, so I am going with it, even though the Pope is usually a right spanner!


scargosun said...

Very nearly?! Waiting until yyour last day at the office?

BS5 Blogger said...

Wow, I only just hit publish! :)

Hey, I will ask 3PW before the last day - just hesitated today really.

How are you?

You at work right now prepping for the Sunday team event?

Suburbia said...

What do you mean 'nearly asked her to lunch'???! For goodness sakes man, get on with it ;)

He who hesitates etc etc