Monday, 21 July 2008

Such filth!

So it's not very often there's been an evening of filth and scandal involving this blogger and postcode area BS5 of late. But tonight I came home with a veritable trollop.

Alas I have to report it was VX52 (and he's a chap, and that just has NO chance of happening!)

VX52 (sans badge) has been at work for a good few days as I have racked up 700 miles in a van on store visits and stuff these last few days wrapping up stuff. I parked him sensibly in the middle of last week but too close to a tree and he was filthy when I drove him home tonight. VX has special duties on Friday so he's going to have the clean of the month to restore pride (and I will see to that - no East European car wash here, though I respect the job they do).

No other filth or base depravity appears to be on the horizon; shame really as it might be a lark!

Now I reckon Persephone here has to be cinema's filthiest lass of late! Any takers (poker lads) on seeing Persephone and raising me an alternative? You can't call a porn star - that's not fair.



walsharoo... said...

Monica Bellucci...

I think you've won there kid. I don't know of any (celluloid) doris with more filth-apeal.

In Enter the Matrix (the game), she plays out the toliet kissing scene again with Niobi

Top girl on girl action.

BS5 Blogger said...

Walshers - I am in awe of your early call - thank you! Off to you tube RIGHT now....(and laughing like a fucking steam-train as I go!)

I wonder if Bag will come in with some random mountain-bike video tart?

Hee hee!

Here's to all filthy Celluloid Dorises.

A-bitches! :)

Miss Moneypenny said...


Two of the girls that 3PS met on his night out the other evening were, in fact, secret agents....... and some very interesting tales were shared (not all of which are publishable!).

3PS said he is enjoying the single life and variation of daily routine for now and has asked for permission to stay away for a while longer.

He did, however, suggest this as a temporary replacement as he knows you're missing him:

Hope you have a good day. Is the job hunting going well?

Miss M

Miss Moneypenny said...

Anonymous said...