Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Three county poker

Whilst working today there was the usual exchange of sociable emails amongst the work at hand.

I had told the chaps excitedly about a paint mixing machine I had just seen (in North Somerset). It was like a big old ice cream machine and had plenty of cans of base paint (white) on a carousel. Above them was another carousel of various colours with a large pump on each. The chap in charge then added precise measures of certain colours to the white in order to get the required pantone. The machine then shook the can to buggery and bingo, there was the perfect colour. Two pantones required, two 'goes' on the machine keenly observed by me!

Bag came right back at me from Yorkshire and said 'I'll see your paint mixer and raise you a building site'.

After a small wobble I saw Bag's Building site and raised him a Supertanker, kinda thinking I had won.

Bag, the poker ace then saw my Supertanker and raised me an SR-71! Total master stroke.

Walshy then came in late on (from Lancashire) and raised us both the Universe claiming the game, but Bag called for his openers and claimed victory right back.

And I wonder why they are letting me go from the office?! Ha ha.


Suburbia said...

sometimes your life is quite surreal!

Yes I am a bit thin on the ground post wise. Last night I wasn't inspired and today blogger was not behaving. I did want to post more photos but gave up! However I hope to post more this space.

BS5 Blogger said...

I look forward to that, my lovely!

Surreal in that Bag followed a boat with a plane? Yeah, I suppose so; it is a slight non sequitur

minijonb said...

raising with "The Universe" is like going all-in in Texas Hold 'Em. you have to call it.

Anonymous said...

You omitted the fact that Bag also offered a Black Hole in response to 'The Universe'... Claiming 'The Universe' and Everything else in it...

Bag Wins.

BS5 Blogger said...

Do you know what? I don't think I saw that final move on the table!

walsharoo said...

Bag although I'm resigned to letting you having your victory. I think you'll find that black holes exist within THE Universe and there are billions of them. They don't swallow THE Universe up...

Technically I win.

now go and sort your fucking blog out.

BS5 Blogger said...

Grace in victory, old stick! Nice one.

Sazfab said... husband will die of he see's that pic of the 'plane' though he would tell me all the deatils downt o the last rivet, maybe l wont show him!! as my eyes glaze over....(well l dont expect him to drool over my latest bag! LOL)

see you soon.
sara x (sazfab)