Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tasks and roast beef.

This is the piece of beef I am going to cook mid afternoon (probably whilst watching the Grand Prix) but before that there is work to be done. I have a couple of job applications that I didn't do yesterday on account of a pint here in BS1 , and I need to write to some bright young things in London who have started an Agency for Retail Operations and told the world so in a bright ad' in Retail Week on Friday.

The rain it raineth as I type but it is a pleasant day nevertheless.

Yesterday we enjoyed a couple of pints in BS1 and had quite a right old chat about this and that as we drank some excellent beer.


miss moneypenny said...

looks great bs5, if I were near I'd pop in for a slice or 2 with you and an odd glass or 2 of the red stuff as well

have a great day

BS5 Blogger said...

Good morning! I will let you know how it goes once roasted, but I am really looking forward to a slice of beef cold with some picalilli and tomatoes after work tomorrow!

What Sunday plans for you today?

I am off to church in an hour and once home will take in the Grand Prix and the ironing; multi-tasking and I'm a man so it could go wrong.

F36 is up and running, which is cool!

Why don't you have a Blog?

miss moneypenny said...

Sunday involves prepping my movements for the week ahead, very busy indeed

One day I will have a blog for my memoirs but not just this space

BS5 Blogger said...

I know how you mean about Sunday prep' for the week ahead. A little time today pays dividends next week, huh?

I am doing this less and less as I wind down my current role at the end of the month!

Anonymous said...

Hi BS5

I hope church was good (maybe you have sins to repent after your evening in BS1!).

If you were considering a career change as a landlord of this pub, it appears it would help to have the name of William!

Hope the job hunting goes well.

Roast beef sounds nice - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Miss Moneypenny

Shame to hear you're not able to set up a blog, but one fully understands that it is more important for you to protect our national security than risk having your cover blown.


Suburbia said...

Cold beef, with picalilli and tomatoes, mmmmm! Sounds very Famous Five to me!
(With lashings of ginger beer)