Monday, 14 July 2008

Different Hats and long days.

A long day today with many different hats and some pretty close-on involvement with an HR Team at another firm for an early stage of a new job app'. My views of HR teams are documented here on BS5 and have (I think) caused controversy and offence where none was intended; I regret that, and I regret that two colleagues are clearly not talking to me (F.I - TTG!) but my views remain; HR teams - kinda like a world of fluff and forms!

Anyhow up at 6.00 and out the door at seven to drive to Exeter for a stage 1 assessment day with EDF Energy. I went with the support of my boss who is an increasingly decent soul in my closing days of working for her. Usual stuff on the old phsyco-metric codswallop, and no actual mention of the firm, the role or anything significant but I filled in the boxes that reflected my choice of answer to the various verbal and numeric questions. They will run it through the grading and measure me up on the Spaz scale. We shall see. I reckon I scored Bingham but not Deacon, so you never know.

On then to the store we have near there and a useful couple of hours reviewing stuff and briefing-in to a couple of managers. Need to make sure all my work looks after itself and goes with momentum. Nice drive back to work, and received a Dickensian email from one of the chaps about handing over some work.

And then a church meeting at my house tonight for our Church Summer Fayre this Saturday. That lasted until 9.00 and then I knocked up dinner and had another great chat to my brother who was his usual totally dependable self. I missed him on a social weekend at home just gone and am looking forward to seeing him next time.

I am going to fall into bed now, though not before just one small glass of wine.

Off to an afternoon 'Awards Gala Party' tomorrow, standing in for my boss who is up north at a trade show with 3rd paragraph woman.

Not a bad day but it was far too long and involved for a Monday!


walsharoo... said...

WTF are you giving your blog address to HR types anyway?

It's like when people check your myspace account to see if you're a cunt before they interview you...

Be careful the world is watching!


BS5 Blogger said...

Yeah, but you know, how it is! Fuck 'em!

I gave my Blog address to some colleagues in the first week I wrote it and I always write with that in mind.

It's just me in there and that'll do.

Cheers for your thoughtful comment.

Suburbia said...

It's a shame your boss can't 'swap' for tomorrow isn't it?! How are things going in that direction anyway?

Tough day. Good luck on the spaz scale (!) hope it comes good.

Anonymous said...

And a long(ish) post to go with the long day. One thing I always think of when I end a long day is just how thankful I am to have the facilities to have had a long day and completed it. Enough of that talk... super powers to go use. l8r