Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wall moments.

I worked like a Mofo today and that's just plain crazy! Must stop that. I had my analytical head on and was writing a couple of summaries and comparing quotes for projects. Also saw one salesman who was pretty bloody irritating and from whom I am inclined to buy Jack diddly squat. Flew a Typhoon fighter jet too.

Got home to a decent spec' job opportunity down in Devon; replied to the agency with a quick paragraph of thoughts, so we shall see what gives. Also wrote a spec' application to a similar sized retailer to my own based in Devon and Cornwall.

Really enjoyed my post work chill on the wall tonight. Having has a simple one yesterday I didn't really need it then, but tonight it was cool and necessary. Of my circle of email buddies during work one of them (Walshy) had a 'narky from drinking wine last night' sort of a day, and the other (Bag) drew the city of Doncaster in 3-d modeling software! I didn't really understand what Mike did but he's an Architect.

This is me on the wall a moment ago contemplating the day gone by and the future, and a small beer..

Larks in a van tomorrow and closing up a project at store.

Cool: some top Drum N Bass from Zane Lowe as I publish! (Follow the Light by Sub Focus)


minijonb said...

Zane Lowe, eh? i'll have to look into that. nice blog. you lead a rich life.

scargosun said...

I love that you sit on your wall. Someday I am going to make it to the UK, come to Bristol without telling you and look for the guy sitting on his wall after work.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you had a proper wall sit. :-)

Whatcha doing working so hard?

Suburbia said...

Would that mean a house move if you got one of those jobs? Nice part if the world but much less city like in the far S West.You'd have to take up surfing (the sea version that is)!!