Tuesday, 29 July 2008


A lengthy working day today from half seven to half six. Long in hours but not difficult in execution, and I did a favour for BS4 in those hours and that was warming.

Before I set out and about across the country today, I came to the office early and started to clear my desk for my Friday departure. Minimum fuss will be the order of the day at the end of the week. I removed the contents you can see here, my desk 'personals'. The Dictionary I use every day , the thesaurus about once a week. The other books I dip into now and again when I have an idle whim for looking up matters WSC or JFK. The cards are a collection of staff shop purchases that have simply caught me. I took schoolboy delight about a month ago from looking up a word in the W pages of the dictionary; I got to W and the first word I found was 'Wank' - much laughter at that and some other explanation given out at the time.

The green chap is FRANK. Frank spent the last year on my desk in North Somerset. Prior to that he did 14 months on my desk in Oxfordshire and previous to that, 3 years on my desk in Wiltshire. I bought him via that Wilthsire job, and Frank came from the Bentalls Centre in Kingston, though he has more about him than that.

Frank was sixty five million and five last birthday and he is a trifle deaf. He is a reliable, loyal, steady chap and he came home today prior to my Friday finish ready for wherever his next desk might be.

We will press on together!


Anonymous said...


(I was shouting because he's deaf.)

BS5 Blogger said...

Frank says,

'Pardon? Oh, hello!'

Suburbia said...

Hope Frank finds a new desk soon. and maybe gets fitted for a hearing aide too?!

scargosun said...

Hi Frank!

It's always interesting cleaning out one's desk whether you are leaving for good or moving to another one. Strange what pops up.

BS5 Blogger said...

Yeah, all sorts of odd stuff; old sweets (candys), several rulers and pencils, delicate tissue paper from packaging exercises, business cards from people peddling all sorts of tat, oh and a whole load of who knows what!

Very pretty pic' of you on your lobster post, by the way!


Anonymous said...

"delicate tissue paper from...

packaging exercises"


BS5 Blogger said...

Glad you liked it, dude.

Get on with your honeymoon and enjoy.

Whatchyadoin' reading this old pile of horse?