Friday, 4 July 2008


This is my 404th post and it is absolutely devoted to my terrific friend Walshy because I rather hope he will find the pic' amusing with a mix of my enjoyment of the good book and his enjoyment of the error message gag!'s to you, Caz and the little chap, old bean :)


scargosun said...

Now does the number 404 have something to do with Mr. Walsh? Interesting.

Off to enjoy my American holiday.

walsharoo... said...

Response not found...

BS5 Blogger said...

Walshers - Picker!

(Scargosun - a 404 is an error message when the page you want to look at doesn't load on the internet).

Anonymous said...

That is freaking awesome.


F36 said...

This made me chuckle!

Where do you get inspiration for your blog postings from?

It would be great if you could get 404 comments in response!


miss moneypenny said...

I totally agree with F36 (for once!)

Great inspiration and let's start the 404 comments rolling.....

F36 said...

Miss moneypenny

Which things that I've posted don't agree with?

Or was that your attempt at sarcasm used in a humorous manner?


F36 said...

Be back in 5!

F36 said...

Is MM off on a secret mission?

miss moneypenny said...


it was neither...was just being matter of fact after our initial get together when everything got a little silly with multiple f36s and Miss Ms.....totally confusing

I am sure you a fine blogger and any indifference I may have had with you thanks to our imposters has long since been forgotten

On a secret mission? Maybe......

F36 said...

Miss M

Thank goodness for that!


I'm intrigued whether you're male or female? Or would that be revealing too much of your identity?

Do you know ihatlc?

I understand if this is too many questions for Jane when on a secret mission.


miss moneypenny said...


I do not mind the questions but am guarded in my response.

i do not know ihatlc in the slighest, was rather annoyed at the little so and so, I already have 006 out there looking for the person, 007 was rather busy in bs1 this evening

And.......I would not be a miss if I were male now would I f36?

enough said for this evening

F36 said...

Good night Miss Moneypenny,

I hope you sleep well, for tomorrow is another day.

I (wrongly) thought that MM was an attempt to mask your true identity, and I apologise for this.

Doesn't look like we'll get to 404 tonight?

Strange question, but as a secret agent on a mission - do you post from your phone as it would be difficult to access a regular PC?


miss moneypenny said...

final post this evening f36, cannot leave us on unlucky 13

i post from a variety of sources using whatever I have available at the time.

Whilst not a complete technical wizard I do find it (technology) wonderful when used correctly....some of the things Q devises are simply out of this world and just so exciting.....

good night to all

F36 said...


Best to err on the side of caution where superstition is concerned.

For a busy lady like you, who's always on the go and location unknown from day to day, I can't recommend mobile broadband highly enough - I would suggest that your secret employer invests in this if they haven't already done so?

Have a great weekend.


miss moneypenny said...

f36, congratulations on joining the online blogging world for real, now there will be no confusion over who is who

as for mobile broadband, this is a no go due to its lack of security and the areas I visit having poor mobile signals.....I have to rely on the old sat phone, far better