Thursday, 24 July 2008

The North

F E J,

The North. It's long way from BS5.

Here I am with Bag and Walshy at Bag's house after diner, chat and wine. Bag gets married tomorrow.


Off to bed now.

Work was a load of wank today!


QP said...

Sorry to hear about your crap day.

Look on the bright side - it sounds very fortunate for you that you're leaving soon?

Hope Bags' wedding goes brilliantly! Tomorrow should be loads better.

3PS said...

BS5 - I am ALIVE and WELL

Miss M almost caught me but I was just too quick for her and have moved onto pastures new

Have a great weekend - I certainly will, check my blog.......

Speak soon old man.....

SimpleNorthernFolk said...

Sticky boon!

minijonb said...

i now have "Hit The North, Part I" by The Fall in my head... thanks!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello there QP..Who are you I wonder?

Wedding was brill'!

3PS - I think you have been out in the sun too much on your travels; your latest post is mad!

QP said...

Hi BS5

You know that QP is not my (real) name, but you seem to have guessed anyway.

Good Sunday?