Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A bit turgid.

Today on my penultimate Tuesday at work, I have meetings and phone-calls about the following:

Nitrate/Nitrite levels in freshwater and marine aquaria
Perforated paper for shelf edge tickets
Solid wheels for compost trolleys
Dyson air-blade hand driers
Recruitment of Christmas Temps

I also have to prep my final brief to all store managers for Wednesday

There may even be some retail.


Suburbia said...

Oooo, Dyson hand dryers, I like those!!

BS5 Blogger said...

I am buying about 30!

Suburbia said...

How exciting!!that sounds a lot.

So where's your new post?! I know you're there because you've commented. Come on get blogging;)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! Just quiet today and posts to follow...