Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Weekend!

I love the weekend! Kick back from work and spend two days larking about - fantastic. 2nd favourite tee-shirt, fave jeans and dressing for larks!

It's the St Paul's festival today here in Bristol. I went along last year and it was a hoot but I don't think I will look in today. Last year I tried curry-goat for the first time and it was really nice! You wouldn't imagine a goat would have much taste because a goat is a scrawny little beast and they eat anything at all they find but hey, it was just fine (as was the company last year!)

I saw the Reggae reggae sauce man last year but this was news to me because I did not know who he was and have never ever watched any sort of 'Britain's got Apprentices on Ice Factor' sort of a show (well, apart from the top series when Raymond Blanc chose to run a restaurant in partnership with an amateur).

I think I will just spend Saturday larking about and filling in a couple of job apps and speculative emails to agencies. A beer may be required at some point, or a glass of Merlot whilst cooking (a sliver side joint of beef this weekend with a little garlic and rosemary, cooked just nice and rare).

All in all a pretty quiet day here in Bravo Sierra Fiver. The joint of beef which was a canny bargain in Sainsbury's last night is massive if anyone wants to call in for dinner!

Off for breakfast now with my pal Steve from down the road. Smart!


scargosun said...

That is what I am doing this weekend. Plenty of time for cleaning. I will be reading instead of tv though. :)

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool! What did you read?