Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fast and faster.

Today I am supposed to be at work writing a paper on IT changes to shelf edge labellings after an impromptu meeting late yesterday that made it all crystal clear. I just have to see it launched now and ensure it beds in and grows (for retail, not IT, I am clueless as to the latter). Straightforward stuff.


The Chief of the Air Staff has just called me and my pal Walshy to see if we can sit in for two pilots who have called in unwell.

These are our steeds - what a top picture! I think I will take the Spitfire today and leave Walshers to the Typhoon. He's a bit erratic pulling anything over 4Gs but he's still pretty good.


D'ang said...

The spitfire (wrong war of course) reminds me that I just read in my bio of the great Marcel that in 1919 or so, when he was dining in the Paris Ritz, the chap at the table next to him was ... Winsto'

If you ask me, that is Winsto's top claim to fame. Yes.

Suburbia said...

Would you really swap your lovely car though?!

Hope you had a great day. Possibly no time for me to blog tonight, so see ya soon

scargosun said...

Ah, well. It's a good thing for the monarchy that you are doing. I am sure the IT people will understand.

Anonymous said...

You so silly!