Saturday, 26 July 2008

Top transport post.

On the way home from Mr and Mrs Brookes' wedding I stopped several times to take a drink, stretch out a bit and break up the 182 miles. On my middle stop I saw this TOP bit of kit which is an escalator. I don't know if it's an up escalator or a down escalator and couldn't really see anyone to ask. It was smart. I bet it was a bugger to reverse.

Please don't assume I have moved on from said wedding - pics to follow of that happy event.


A Sunbeam for Kahless said...

See dude you don't really understand escalators. It is a up and down one at the same time. If they want it to go up, they install it one way, but if they want it to go down, they turn it through 180 degrees and install it like that. Yes.

Suburbia said...

You are joking about up or a down one aren't you?!! Don't they do both ways?!
Mind you I asked last night (whilst watching the stars) why satelites have headlights (!)
I did realise they don't of course.
Hope your weekend was great.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Sub!

You are funny! Yes, it was a whimsical aside ref the Escalator!

Feels like we haven't chatted in a bit.

How have you been? Into the summer hols now?

Suburbia said...

This last week has been full on end of school stuff. Now looking forward to a more peaceful phase!
Hope all is well with you :)