Friday, 18 July 2008

Long Friday.

A curious day.

I think I encountered a worm hole on my way to Evadne 4, a bit like JLP and the gang in the *TOP* TNG ep' I have just finished. It really is a smart 44 minutes of TV with Mr Data giving it the full on Blag!

I watched it on a Friday night in the house after a day of many miles, many counties, many tasks and an unusual variety of emotions for a chap so normally unflappable.

I woke in Herefordshire at 5.35am and had an easy morning at Ma and Pa's, taking them tea at a little before 7. From there I drove back to work in Bristol and then on again through several counties and many miles to our store in the Midlands. I worked hard and long and had a decent afternoon. Many miles racked up in a big old van full of stock. I won't work for them in ten days.

Tonight I was due at a house party in BS4; BS4 is also a fine woman I dated last year and she is moving away this month and asked me over to say Au Revoir but after 500 miles and 12 hours, had I been there and on a sofa I would have just fallen into a long sleep so I sent my apologies and will try to fix wine tête-à-tête before she leaves; she is important. Kinda' left me feeling unperturbed..

That said, a rare Friday night of not popping into my local was replaced with a totally solo night in the house and dinner, wine, Pete Tong and chillin'. It was pretty bloody excellent! Sometimes (often) living and being on your Jack is immensely satisfying!

I came home in the van that was the stuff of earlier today, and tomorrow I am filling it with ten million tables and chairs from the Church I attend in order to set up our Church Summer Fayre at the Vicarage, which is about 2 minutes' walk from my house. It will be a full on Saturday holding it all together and being there to support other people. I am quite looking forward to it, though I have put less effort in than I should what with wrapping up work and all.

I encountered 3P/woman in the office today (briefly) but made time to chat with her about weekend plans. Hadn't seen her for days; she is still tops!

Sigourney Weaver didn't walk past the wall yet!

Most happily to bed now.


Suburbia said...

I can see the appeal of living alone!

Anonymous said...

Enough of SW's breasts and androids.

Get 3PS back by friday, or there will be trouble...

Miss Moneypenny said...

Good Evening Bag

I would like to reassure you that the theft of 3PS is being taken extremely seriously.

I have had words with James, and now that he realises this has become an international matter he has called in a favour from the Rt Hon David Miliband.

I have further information but to divulge it at this stage could put the rescue operation at risk.

I hope you understand.

I will try my best to resolve this by Friday - is there some significance to this day?

Miss M

BS5 Blogger said...

Can one have enough of SW's breasts?

Miss Moneypenny said...

Good Morning BS5

After working tirelessly through the night, intelligence leads us to Carriacou, where 3PS is believed to have enjoyed an evening out yesterday.

Today he has popped over to Petit Martinique for a spot of fishing with the locals, and reports indicate that he intends to enjoy the Carriacou Regatta over coming days.

There has been a little confusion from my sources as 3PS was spotted wearing a sun dress and heels in an attempt to disguise his identity, and the flirtatious so and so was also seen partying with The Spirit of Ecstasy - having dumped B & V for a better offer!

Could 3PS be feeling a little left out of late, what with 3PW and everything?

Would you like me to continue with this case, or leave the old chap to have some fun without spying eyes?

I hope the work at church today is rewarding.

Miss M

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Miss M - gosh you are a sleuth! Investigate as much as your curiosity and good sense tell you; all appreciated.

Half eight until just now loading a van with chairs and tables and then setting them up. Have come home for a soak now prior to the event kicking off in a bit!

That Spirit of Ecstasy is a minx and 3PS will need to take care!

Anonymous said...

Friday 25th July - A most important date for VX52.

So stop cocking about, and bring the fucking badge back - or if you're just here for the fun of a wind up, fuck off, I'm not interested.

How'd you like them apples.

(further comments deleted by moderator)

Oh yeah,who the fuck is James?...

BS5 Blogger said...

And that would be Bag!


Anonymous said...

Do I fail to detect irony?

walsharoo... said...

Top irate action...

I think James, would be Miss Moneypenny's employer.

I think you're all not very funny.

dandelion said...

Just pop in to say I miss Data...

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I can DEFINATELY see the appeal of living alone...but I wasnt so good on my jack in my 20's

.....sings 'perhaps, perhpas, perhaps!'


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