Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Today my day at work was a flat as f**k. Flat like this little bit of Holland.

It wasn't bad, or depressing, or morose; it was just distant, disengaged, someone else's brand and falling fast away. I didn't skive or abrogate my stuff and I maintained my integrity; in fact I worked kinda hard, worried about being a touch late into the office and covered off loads of project work to ensure it runs okay after August 1st wherever it has my paws on it. Odd when you have an exit date how the perspective changes! Left early today.

What was not flat at all was my chillin' on the wall after work. I often enjoy this, though with today being flat there was zippety-doo-dah from which I needed to chill. Everyone who went past (maybe 12 people) said hello or made eye contact or nodded or smiled; I like my street.

I have come in now (kinda obvious as otherwise someone else would be writing this) and here is the curry I am now cooking after prepping veg' various.

One amusing spot at work today was a sudden, random thought outta NOWEHRE about Suburbia and it derailed my train of thought for a good few minutes! It was most un-officey! Hee hee.

The sunny day is about to unleash an evening storm and a deluge of fat rain.

How was your day, reader?


Suburbia said...

This Reader is inquisitive to know the thought!! A few minutes is quite a long thought (for me anyway!!)So glad to have cheered an otherwise flatish day :)

It was a beautiful day though wasn't it? Still no rain here.

Strange you have posted food, I am about to too.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub!

It was a thought about what your dream about me might have been about, and I ran with it, given that it was infinitely more interesting than little price ticket holders for the end of Euro hooks, which is what I was about at the time! All most pleasant and respectful!

Walshers, cheers for your email. Next to the tomatoes? Just chicken I had roasted the day before, but with some curry paste, olive oil and crushed peppercorns.

Suburbia said...

Hee hee!

BS5 Blogger said...

Glad you are cool with that...just happy larks and nothing un-BS5 :)

scargosun said...

I have a good deal of flat days when it comes to work. You may not understand why that makes me content because you were not at my former job that was a big old pile of doo doo.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Scargosun!

Hey, at least it was your former job and isn't your current one?

What's cool in America this afternoon?

Anonymous said...

Heya! My day was grand. Got four... count them four! Reports programmed and completely automated.

Then went down to my friends house and went swimming. I love swimming.

Then we sat and watched some baseball and talked as the evening is chilling down quite lovely. Should make for some good sleeping weather... that's when I eventually get to bed. :-)

D'ang said...

Abrogate, huh? Not bad..