Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday and all's Fayre.

I have had a great Saturday. Curiously I had a HUGE lie in and woke rested, yet I still had a very full day from which I am now completely knackered, yet happily so.

I woke early and worked long and hard filling a van with tables, chairs, an urn, a teapot, crockery, spoons and things to sell at our Summer Fayre.

I was on the go all day and also ran a BBQ for which I had taken no prep' at all, and suffered the pressure thereof (work is never thus and I prepare meticulously for every aspect of the office, yet today I went loose and easy and still bagged it, but under pressure!) All in all it was great and after a long day I enjoyed a rewarding bottle of Guinness sat on the floor in the vicarage kitchen and courtesy of my immensely thoughtful Vicar! My stall exceeded its float and contributed.

These are some pics and I am now off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Lovely stone wall... we don't have those here... very cool. Glad you had a good day and a nice lie in.

Millennium Housewife said...

Now that's a vicar we could all work with, does he have a twin? MH

BS5 Blogger said...

The vicar is a fantastically thoughtful, kind and attractive woman! She's there on the pic as the little chap is wandering over.

Millennium Housewife said...

oops! Big lesson in assuming. Oh dear, consider my hand slapped, sorry vicar! MH

BS5 Blogger said...


Hee Hee!