Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tricky Dicky on Pump 3!

So this evening, I get back to Bristol from an easy but long day. It had been a decent combination of early emails to square things away (work, career, personal, supplier meetings and wah wah wah) and an afternoon on an Awards jolly with an ice skating cricketer and droves of summer dresses (alas none of them 3rd PW).

Back to Bristol after a long haul taking people back to work. I had been provided with a hire car and dutifully fueled it up prior to its collection from here in BS5 tomorrow. As I was at the fuel stop, a decent Audi pulled up and I noticed it had cool headlights but that was it. Then, on queuing to pay I finished my transaction and turned to see the queue behind me. Audi man was in fact Richard Milhous Nixon, back from the dead and reincarnated at about 35,and fueling up courtesy of Sainsbury's!

I was kinda tempted to ask RN if Lyndon Johnson's Tonkin 'Resolution' was in fact a specious get out clause hatched for bombing Cambodia and SE Asia, and an end run around Congress, but perhaps that would have been rude and delayed the queue. Nixon rescinded the resolution you see, and that to me was tacit acknowledgment that it was bullshit (I wrote an essay on this at Uni' but never imagined it would come back to me in a petrol queue)

Anyhow, Tricky-Dicky in an Audi at Sainsbury's. Smart! And on a Tuesday nothing even remotely Super.

Other stuff tonight: two things - (1) Cooked a fine joint of beef again just now and it came out rare, pink and perfect - meals aplenty to follow all week. (2) Two new commentators on Blog BS5 tonight, and '99' is particularly welcome (2nd commentator I.D TBC) as I have held this scribe in high & quiet regard for many months.


Fat, frumpy & fifty... said...

so now l know how to spend my late evenings after a particularly edgy day a work...check out everyones blogs...instead of writing one myself!! LOL

I was creased up over your dymo thingy...(and your description of the watergate devil at the gas station filling up)... I dont know whats best getting nought or getting this.

But typically i BETCHA do find ways to use it.why not got through the fridge and stick labels over all the food labels, writing new descriptions of the contents...maybe not!

ts late and l'm cranky...chuck us a slice of that beef rare please...Mmmm

sara x

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello there! How was your 12 hour day?

I may use my label writer to warn people from taking my Blog too seriously! Recent posts seems to have irked people; no offence is intended here.

What was edgy about your day?

I had a wee-slicette of the beef and it was just fine with a delicate rosemary infusion.

Hope you have a good sleep after your cranky day.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to meet RN. I haven't had the pleasure (is that the right word) yet.

I should stop blogging drunk.


Or am I?

minijonb said...

quick! call a reporter from the Weekly World News and sell the story.

Fat, frumpy & fifty... said...

so you've been 'irking' some people have you! LOL..

yeah l guess it was a few of the um... expletives (spelling?) in a few of your rants! LOL...l dont think they were offensive, they were in context! A few scattered here and there like herbs, add to the flavour if not overdone...

went into work today, tmissed the picket line as they were in transit to another door...had worried all night what l would do when faced with them...walk through or not to...and so l didnt have to..phew. l walked right in..same again tomorrow..?!I hate all this crap...will be so glad to end friday with 5 full days off.....bliss...
off to take a few more drugs...(for headahce)

sara x

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi there ! I think I irked them with my irreverent attitude to work related stuff and HR teams rather than profanity and rude words (which as you say are a rare spice doing little harm).

Public service strike related note on your comment? Good luck on that for tomorrow.

Fat, frumpy & fifty... said...

thanks, yeah local council, l'm a museum/art gallery assistant...its a farce....


sara x

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Sara, hope you have an easy day without crossing lines tomorrow.

Are you going to post another post soon? Quite a lot of people have weekly posts that make readers tune in each week; Suburbia has ABC Wednesday, Scargosun has Friday Crackberry and I indulge in the occasional Thursday Thinker.

See you soon