Monday, 30 June 2008

Fifty and 1914

This late night post here at BS5 is for no other purpose than the fact that I could hardly close the month on 49 posts without a small effort to nudge 50, so here it is!

Back to the office tomorrow to start to wrap things up and close projects down, it will be positive and professional but that is the mind set and no longer the longer thoughts ahead on what I could really do to make a difference.

I had a good day today and enjoyed myself. I also put some decent effort into future roles, as did some other people too.

Let's hope this starts to show some mileage before too long.

Hey! I happen to have my diary to hand and have just looked up today from 13 years ago, also a sunny day but I pulled a very long shift in my Barman job that was bringing in the pennies back in '95. Hard work and a quick break to chat to a fabulous woman I liked at the time who used to come in now and again and with whom I used to occasionally walk her dog. I finished my shift at 12 midnight, bottled up and tidied up until 1am and drank beer until 2.15 in the morning when I walked home! I worked the day after too which was the first Sunday in England since 1914 when pubs could stay open all day on the Sabbath!

There you go.


Suburbia said...

Was that only 13 years ago?

50 posts in one month, phew indeed. Always a good read and always entertaining. Glad we met doing the laundry that time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. 13 years ago? They wouldn't even have let me in the bar... being as I was only 15! Hee hee. Just had to get the old age thing in there... didn't I?

I'm posting pics of my laptop and auction finds... if blogger will let me... so make sure to stop back.

BS5 Blogger said...

Alaina - ha ha for the youth joke! :)

Suburbia, I am very glad I lost a sock and bought a great exchange of fun too!

Suburbia said...

you pop into my mind on a daily basis too but I have not counted duration in seconds/minutes!!!;)

BS5 Blogger said...

I only just saw this comment. How sweet!

Thank you


BS5 Blogger said...
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