Sunday, 13 July 2008

Cotswold jolly!

Well now, here are some pix of a day out in the Cotswolds. A strange sort of day for a chap in his thirties, and younger than the group by more than two decades but it was a lark nevertheless. These pics are from Bibury, a small village about fifty miles from Bristol.

The three senior ladies you can see here spent much of the day talking about The War, austerity, who had recently 'gone on', and their youth in Bristol in the 1930s - all fascinating. They asked me not to get a job too far in away in case it stopped me coming to church (kinda nice!)

The fish was in a fine river running through the village - completely clear water and abundant with life.


Sazfab said...

Thanks for popping by, of course l don't mind!! enjoyed your blog..will pop back soon..
are the images your own, if so you have akeen eye, your shot of Bilbury is great!!

Sara x

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! The shot in the post below this one is from Google Images - the shots in this post are mine!

Nice to see you.



BS5 Blogger said...

PS: Sazfab - check out 'Geeky Stuff' post in May in the archive of this blog (BlogBS5)!

Suburbia said...

Only one fish?!! Didn't find the fish farm then? (Not very exciting anyway unless you're about 8!)

I wonder what they would find to discuss if there hadn't been a war??

BS5 Blogger said...

We drank tea at the fish farm but then struck out from there using it as a base for a long walk; the older members of the party stayed with the trout!

No war, no chatter perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Saint BS5 in the making