Wednesday, 16 July 2008

We should have shotguns for this kind of deal...

Some quiet sort of a day that was!

Worked like a mofo' and non-stop end to end!

Came home to enjoy a quiet evening but then lots of stuff happened at home too; my good pal Stevie Hopes helped me put up two canvas adverts for my local Church Fayre. I was planning to do it tomorrow but was asked to do so tonight. We counter balanced the bottoms with 2inch batons to stop the wind getting them and hung them off the wall, decently weighted in the Vicarage garden behind. It was all kinda' fun! Home to a 9.30pm dinner and just stopping now for a glass of wine and some tunes. Out and about the next two days and it's a non stop week all over again taking in stores, projects and sociable things.

It will stop soon enough at the current place but plenty of hard work towards the next billet with an interesting public service role thrown my way today on behalf of the Blood Transfusion Service of all things! I have asked my recrutiment man to throw in my CV! A good man in the north sent me two useful leads as well.

Missed calls from Bag who was a good man today and from Helen. Catch up detail the 'morra!

Happily tired and closing the day, and I didn't even write a thing about work - got loads done, planned, prepped and ready to brief. Got ignored too but hey, not my problem and losing no sleep on that one. Still wish it wasn't so, but hey-ho, if it is it is.

Off to bed via Colossae.


Anonymous said...

Hello BS5

I don't mean to sound ignorant, but what does mofo mean?

BS5 Blogger said...

No problem Anon'.

Are you ready?

'Mofo' is a polite (ish) way of shortening the fantastically offensive phrase M*****-F***R! Surely a phrase only pipped into offensive Gold Medal status by the C-word?

Mofo came into vogue on a Quentin Tarnatino wave of movies where the word appears constantly!

Here is a quote using the word in an exchange between Jules and Vincent when they are picking up Marvin's brain having shot him in the car by mistake..(THIS IS VERY, VERY, VERY SWEARY!)

Man, get outta my face with that
shit! The motherfucker who said
that never had to pick up itty-
bitty pieces of skull with his
fingers on account of your dumb

I got a threshold, Jules. I got a
threshold for the abuse I'll take.
And you're crossin' it. I'm a race
car and you got me in the red.
Redline 7000, that's where you are.
Just know, it's fuckin' dangerous
to be drivin' a race car when it'sin the red. It could blow.

You're gettin' ready to blow? I'ma mushroom-cloud-laying motherfucker motherfucker! Every time my
fingers touch brain I'm "SUPERFLY
T.N.T," I'm the "GUNS OF NAVARONE." I'm what Jimmie Walker usta talk about. In fact, what the fuck am I doin' in the back? You're the motherfucker should be on brain detail. We're tradin'. I;m washin' windows and you're pickin'up skull.

Anonymous said...

I did wonder....... and now I know..... thanks for that, I appreciate the explantion!

Hope your day is easier tomorrow

Anonymous said...

hugs... um... if you're a hugger.

I'm not... so perhaps a tap on the shoulder?

Um... or something else?

Okay this is awkward. [backing away slowly]

BS5 Blogger said...

Anonymous - let us all know if you have used this new expression in the workplace or at a social occasion by the end of the week?

Alaina - how are you? Hugs are cool; or whatever! Don't be awkward, it's not allowed in BS5 :)

Anonymous said...

awkwardness vanquished :-)

Suburbia said...

I'm nosey so...ignored by whom??!

Anonymous said...

mofo came about from "bo selecta" the michael jackson charecter said it... quentin tarintino wouldnt put such lame attempts at being offensive in his films.

BS5 Blogger said...

I stand happily corrected!