Sunday, 27 July 2008

The deed is done.

Here's a quick post-wedding pic of BS5 with the Groom and Best Man from last Friday.

The two brown suited six foot chaps are the best man in the middle and the Groom on the right as you look. It was very, very warm hence the pint of lager (Guinness was the order of the day thereafter for me). I felt very under dressed as these two chaps sported some fine frock coat outfits. And as Walshy pointed out incessantly, a barnet would have done no harm for me. I have another wedding in two weeks down in Devon and I am looking forward to that too.


Suburbia said...

Everyone is getting married at once! Stange!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're a guy... and you're looking forward to attending a wedding?

::eye brows raised::


PS... did you miss me?

Anonymous said...

Did you even notice I was gone?