Thursday, 22 November 2007

Warehouse man.

I am just grabbing lunch before going back to our Warehouse where I am spending a couple of days prior to making supply chain recommendations across all our stores. Scary stuff and also flattering given that my Ops Director gave me this task with no demonstrable supply chain knowledge on my CV or in my 16 weeks' work to date. Still, I think it is a case of looking, learning and doing it for a bit and then working out a solution. So far my research has involved booking in half a dozen deliveries, baling plastic and tidying up pallets into those we sell on, and those we return to a leasing company. I have not been let near a fork lift truck just yet; probably a very sensible policy.

It has been good to work hard at work today and I know my beer light will come on by the end of my somewhat more physical than usual shift. More blogging later!

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