Friday, 23 November 2007

BS5 on Tour!

It's 6.20 on Friday morning and I have just stepped out of a very nice wallowy bath! Last day of the week for work and it's been a cracker!

My sage freind Trevor has suggested to me (over a Thursday pint) a new route to cut traffic and get back to BS5 more speedily from the A370; this involves going around Cumberland basin, past the Nova Scotia pub and on past the river. If I hadn't been so idle of late, I could have programmed this into the Sat Nav Ipaq Washly set up for me. I will set it up in the car one day! As it is, I will Google Map the route after posting this post.

Fellow BS5ers Trevor and Cas were on a mission this morning; Trev' dropped Cas into town for a 5am bus that will ultimately get him to Kuala Lumpor at 9am Saturday for his two weeks with Lummox. The Rhubarb awaits news of foolishness and Tequila! All of this to be contemplated over an evening pint, I suspect.

Back on office work today after my day in the warehouse (where I will work again next week) . I have volunteered a couple of hours to help out with job application letters - it's a stunningly dull job, but Jayne for whom I have volunteered my time is kind and fun company and I like her so that's just fine by me.

And so, it's nearly the weekend already! The weekend holds pleasant prospects; running, relaxing, helping Trev move furniture, bleeding my radiators, a pint or two, Church, and last but very much not least seeing Greg, Nicks, Toby and Ma and Pa on Sunday night. And I have Monday off.

I had a look at this Blog on my phone last night - top spod action!

Righty-ho, best get dressed (yeah, this post is written in the buff)

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